Saturday, January 18, 2014

Back to Au Naturel | Revlon ColorSilk Beautiful Color

Happy Saturday! I have some bad and good news. The bad is, earlier in January, I washed my hair with a 3 in 1 men's shampoo (shampoo, conditioner, and body wash), and although I used my Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque, when I went to straighten my hair the next day, my hair got fried, singed, whatever you may call it. It was AWFUL! (I learned my lesson, never use 3-in-1s or 2-in-1s).

I tried various masks, bought shampoos and conditioners specifically for damaged hair, and bought the Aussie 3 minute miracle. I did coconut oil treatments and olive oil treatments. Eventually, it did get a little bit better, but not much. The bottom half of my hair looked like a knotted birds nest.

It got poofy, and had no life to it, it was just...dead. Whenever I tried combing it or brushing, lots of hair would break off or just fall out. I thought I was going to go bald from all the hair I lost.

Here are pictures to show you all:

This is before I cut or dyed my hair 3 days ago. Yes, my roots are oily. I tried not to wash my hair too much as it would be extremely drying for it. My hair looks decent here, but I hated the feel of it. It was overprocessed, dry, damaged, what have you. A knotted mess.

Since nothing I did helped, the only option I had was to cut my hair. Since I was going to do that, I figured it would be a good time to dye my hair to something similar to my natural hair color. I opted for Revlon ColorSilk Beautiful Color in Light Golden Brown and Medium Rich Brown. 

I know that the Medium Rich Brown would be too dark for me, but I wanted just a touch of richness in my hair, while the Light Golden Brown would give me warmth. So...I mixed in a bowl the entire bottles of the Light Golden Brown color and creme developer, and added just a few drops of the Medium Rich Brown. 

I covered everything, from roots to ends to ensure that every piece of hair was saturated in this mixture.

During the process.

The directions said to leave the dye on for 25 minutes. After, I rinsed and shampooed, I dried my hair with a blow dryer. 


Very similar to my natural color, but more on the warmer side. The medium rich brown did deposit a lot into my hair, but I love it. In the picture, my hair looks very thin and lifeless still. You see a lot of the frizziness left behind from the damage I received earlier this month.

Recent Hair History

My natural color:
Here is a picture of my natural hair color from this past summer. It is a light brown and matches my eyes. I did have a few highlights in here from the Revlon Frost and Glow in Honey (review here), but overall, this is my natural hair base color.

This is the ombre I did this past August. I loved how beautiful it turned out. However, it started to get very yellow toned and not as pretty. One thing I will miss are the highlights on my bangs. (I may just do that again to lighten up my hair!)

Tada! Here is my hair after being colored and cut. I do still have a few sections that are damaged, but those are bearable. Its so nice having soft hair again!

Since this was a permanent color dye, it covered all my blonde up pretty well, but since my ends technically still have "blonde" on it, the dye will fade in that area. I don't think I will do a bleach blonde ombre again, but I may just use a highlighting kit to slightly lighten up the area. I plan on doing subtle highlights in the near future to soften up the look, but we will see. The dark my grow on me.

The Revlon ColorSilk Beautiful Color dyes are permanent and are ammonia free, which is very important. I found mine at Target for $2.99 a box, which is a great deal in my opinion!

 photo withlove_zpsa29dab2d.jpg

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  1. wow i love the new hair colour, so sad you had to cut your hair, just followed, follow back? :)


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