Thursday, January 9, 2014

NEW | Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette 5 Pan

While in Walgreens looking for hair care products, I stumbled upon these Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow palettes. These caught my attention because not only are they beautiful colors for which I have ideas, but also because it comes with 5 shadows! For $3.99 (and a $1.00 off coupon that can be used immediately) they each came to $2.99, the price could not be beat! There are a total of 5 different palettes but I did not want an additional neutral eyeshadow palette or a black, grey, and white one.

The product claims to have macadamia oil in it to condition the eyelids while it is worn. Each palette has both mattes and shimmers and the colors can be mixed and matched for different unique looks.

Floral Values

WnW Floral Values palette focuses on the pinks, lavenders, and purples. The two lightest shades did not have deep pigmentation, but were rather very unnoticeable. All 5 shades did apply smoothly though.

Art in the Streets

WnW Art in the Streets is a palette that has colors I do not own. This one is the only palette in the collection that is completely matte. I figured it would be good to have these types of shades in my collection. For the most part, they swatched boldly except the yellow shade. It had a poorer pigmentation then the rest.

 I'm His Breezy

WnW I'm His Breezy palette incorporates different shades of blue. All very pretty. I do not have a blue eyeshadow palette, so this one was good to add to my collection. Again, the two lightest shades did not have the highest pigmentation, but were still a bit noticeable in the swatch.

Overall, these new palettes were really exciting to try. The only issue I had was that some of the colors did not transfer it's true color onto the eyelid, even with primer. They tended to turn out lighter then what was in the pan. Other than that, they can be built up and used slightly wet to achieve the color desired. 

I love that Wet n Wild shadows are a great value and feel so smooth! Have you tried out these new eyeshadow palettes?

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  1. the art in the streets palette looked very interesting! The colors looked very promising (I'll cut them some slack because yellow is a hard color to pull off!)
    Great post!

    1. Yellow is difficult! But I already have another pretty good yellow, so I'm not too worried about it


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