Welcome to my blog!

I'm Des, and I am 23 years old. I'm studying Biology at my university.
I started this blog because I wanted a hobby. I started getting more into makeup in late 2012. Since then, I had been contemplating starting a blog and so glad I have! I love makeup and enjoy getting all dolled up! 

Beauty Profile:
Skin Type: combination/oily t-zone. Acne prone. Fair/light (NC15-20). Neutral/yellow toned.
Hair Type: straight, normal thickness leaning on thin side
Eye color: Light brown eyes


  1. Hi, Des. I stumbled across your blog via Beauty Broadcast's Tips For Starting a Blog and have just become your newest follower. I hope you'll give my blog a look as well:

  2. okay I just followed you on bloglovin' because I absolutely LOVE when bloggers put their beauty profile...same skin type...score :)

    1. Awesome! I love seeing people's skin type as well. Makes it easier to see and make recommendations <3

  3. Hi Des! I found your blog through the Bright Side Blog Hop. Your pictures are amazing and loving all your posts so far, I've subscribed to you on BlogLovin' and Instagram :) Really excited to have found your blog because it seems like you are into a lot of the same products and looks as me!

    I'd love it if you checked out my beauty blog as well. Keep in mind I've only had my blog up for a short time now though! More posts soon to come xx



I enjoy reading your comments! So please feel free to leave me one. Thanks for stopping by my blog <3

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