Friday, September 5, 2014

MAC Melba Powder Blush + Dupe?

Guess who just purchased their first MAC blush? *raises hand* This girl did! Because fall is just around the corner, I had been doing some research on which blushes are best for fall. Obviously, you can wear what you want, but I tend to rotate my collection and like to wear colors more suited for the season. I already have plummy colors that I love and was currently looking for something peachy.

Finally, I found the gorgeous MAC Melba ($22). Although MAC describes it as a matte soft coral-peach, I think its more of a muted slightly-burnt peach shade. Melba is very pigmented and all you need is a little bit on the brush to work up a nice color on your cheeks.

 While doing my research, I saw that NYX Mauve could be a dupe for MAC Melba. However, the pictures I saw didn't have the greatest lighting so it was hard to tell. Since I already had NYX Mauve, I decided to share with you what I thought.
L-R: NYX Mauve, MAC Melba
 In the pan, they look very similar, although Mauve tends to lean more neutral pinkish/brown.
L-R: NYX Mauve, MAC Melba
After the finger swatch, you can see they look nothing alike. Melba is more peach and definitely more pigmented than Mauve.
L-R: NYX Mauve, MAC Melba
Again, Melba is more pigmented and has more of a peach undertone, while Mauve didn't transfer well and leans neutral. Honestly, who wears their blush as swatches on their hands all day? It is more important to know how they look on the cheeks right?

L-R: MAC Melba, NYX Mauve
On my cheeks, they virtually look the same!!! Are my eyes deceiving me? Or can you see a difference?
MAC Melba
I noticed that MAC Melba is a lot smoother and applies flawlessly on my cheeks.
NYX Mauve
NYX Mauve turned out lovely as well, but was a bit more patchy on application.

The verdict? I think these are dupes! Literally, I had to remember which side was which while taking the pictures. They may look nothing alike in the pan and swatches, but on my cheeks, they look the same.  

Obviously I prefer the formula for Melba, but if you want a bargain friendly blush, definitely give NYX Mauve ($5.99) a try. 

After seeing these equally gorgeous shades, which do you/would you prefer?
 photo withlove_zpsa29dab2d.jpg


  1. Replies
    1. It really is gorgeous! A think a classic shade to have.

  2. Congrats on your first MAC blush! Such a pretty shade on you. And thanks for the comparison swatches! xo


    1. No problem Jen! And thank you so much! I'm really enjoying the MAC blush.

  3. I honestly can't tell the difference either, they both look pretty but can imagine the difference between the application!

    1. Yes application is the difference! But both are equally pretty. Just depends on what you'd rather spend =p


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