Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner

Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner is an "innovative, waterproof, lash-hugging gel liner pen that lasts for 24 hours." It retails for $24 and comes with 0.04 oz of product.

I picked up They're Real Push-Up Liner when it first came out because 1) I love gel liners, and 2) it came in pen form. I love the idea of combining both together! I know this liner has been reviewed plenty of times before, but I wanted to really test it out before giving my two cents.
The packaging is cute as it comes in a plastic container. The gel is clicked up from the bottom. The tip is bendy to make it easier to glide on.
This is what the product looks like coming out. When I took the liner out of the box, it took over 50 clicks to get some of the product out. Now, whenever I use it, I click about 1-2 times prior to using.
On the hand, it is very pigmented and applies thick. Often times the tip needs to be cleaned with a tissue so that it doesn't get clogged and clumpy. 

My experience on the eyes was a different story. I first tried it on at Sephora inside JCP at the Benefit event they had earlier this year (view here). To be honest, it applied like a dream and therefore decided to purchase it. But when I tried it on at home, it didn't glide as seamlessly as it had in store. It tugged at my eyelids and became very clumpy and felt dry. You need to apply pressure while putting it on the top lash line. And forget about doing a cat liner! Its doable, but only after wasting 5 minutes per eye. (I'm not even joking...I wish I was. Usually it takes me 1 minute per eye with a normal liquid or gel liner.) I also noticed that after it had dried down, and I wanted to intensify the black by reapplying, it would wipe away what was previously there.

As far as removal, it will smudge if you rub your eye, but it won't break down just by water or sweat. Just use a normal eye makeup remover and it will come off just fine.

To be fair, it does look pretty on the eye, but its such a hassle to use. I love the concept of the gel liner in pen form, but lets be honest, the formula needs to be improved. Had the liner been a bit more creamier and not as dry/thick, it would be the perfect solution. (For reference, I love the formula of the L'Oreal Infallible Gel Lacquer Liner.)

So I say, skip this product, unless it really works out for you. I wish it did, but unfortunately, I'd rather use my liquid liner and my gel liner.
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  1. Interesting read. First review I've read of this, was expecting more if I'm honest! Sure they will bring out an improved version soon enough x

    1. Really? Hmm, I've read a couple and have seen multiple YouTube videos. Its a very iffy product. But I sure hope Benefit hears and improves it!

  2. I've heard such mixed reviews of this and, while it does look great on you, the hassle of application doesn't seem worth it! xo



    1. Exactly! I wish it was a bit easier to apply though

  3. Yea not a fan of this either, I agree with everything you said :)


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