Friday, August 30, 2013

Products I Regret Buying

Do you ever have those moments that you buy something, and after you use it, you realize it was totally not worth it? I have, and I'm pretty sure you have as well. 
This was honestly one of the few times that I have regretted products. I usually do research before hand, but didn't really with these items.

Pond's Cold Cream Cleanser
After I finished my Neutrogena Naturals Fresh Cleansing + Makeup Remover, I bought the Pond's Cold Cream Cleanser at Target for a decent price, $4.99. Pond's has a good reputation and I have never tried any of their products. I chose the Cold Cream Cleanser which is meant to remove makeup and moisturize the skin. Well, I did as the directions said, and I still had makeup left on my face. I do not like seeing makeup on the cotton ball I use after applying witch hazel.
I only used this about 5x, and will have to throw it away.

Maybelline Colossal Cat Eyes *Waterproof* Mascara
I was looking for a waterproof mascara to use during the summer. I loved the original Maybelline Colossal mascara when I was younger as it gave great volume, and decided to try the cat eye one that is waterproof. This totally sank in my book. Although the waterproof aspect was nice, this did not add any bit of volume to my eyes. 

Nivea Lip Butter in Vanilla & Macadamia Kiss
Oh the hypes of makeup! Whenever we see a hyped up product, we become attracted to it like flies. Some of us may like it, while others won't. This was one of those hyped items that I did not like. While I do enjoy the scent, the product itself did not moisturize my lips as I had heard or hoped. I will stick to the Nivea A Kiss of Moisture lip balm stick. It works wonders, and will repurchase it when mine runs out.

Thank goodness none of the products I regret buying were high end. I definitely do my research on those, and should do research for drugstore items as well, as they can quickly add up in cost.
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  1. Ooh interesting list, a lot of people swear by the cold cleanser xx

    Lots of Love Beautyqueenuk!

  2. That is such a shame! I hate when I buy something and it ends up being awful.

  3. I have the Nivea Lip Butter and while I do love it and will use it up, I'm mostly addicted to the scent. I have more moisturizing balms xx

    1. Exactly the same boat I am on =)

  4. I completely agree about that Nivea Lip Butter! Did not work for me either! However, I also picked up the Caramel Kiss one at the same time and it is so much creamier and thicker! It's a completely different consistency and much more moisturizing! I wonder if some of them are "duds" or if the consistency just isn't the same throughout the scent differences.

  5. I've tried a few nivea lip balms, haven't been to lucky, they can't seem to moisturise my lips properly

  6. i want to try these!

  7. I agree about nivea lip butter. cute packaging, nice smell, but doesn't do anything. zero moisturizing.


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