Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tarte Blush Collection

I love my Tarte blushes. They have amazing pigmentation, long wearability, and have a beautiful range of colors in their collection.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour blushes are a very hyped up product all around the world, but unfortunately are only sold in the USA. Tarte features Amazonian clay in majority of their products, which is suppose to help both oily skin and dry skin. For oily skin, it minimizes oil in and around pores to balance skin tone and keep the product in place. Those with dry skin benefit from this clay because of its nourishing and hydrating properties. Finally, those with combination skin get the best of both worlds. 
These blushes retail for $26 and have 0.2 oz of product. 
The packaging is really cute. Each blush has its corresponding color on the outside, that way it is easier finding which blush you want to use. The full size blushes have a mirror on the inside, and the blush pan can easily be depotted as it is a "loose" magnetic hold. (Although it is "loose", the blush is secure in the packaging.)

I have four different Tarte blushes: two full size, and two deluxe sample size. The two deluxe sample blushes were each part of a set. Splendor came in the Sephora "In The Glow" kit and was limited edition. Dollface was part of the Tarte "Blush and Bronze To Go" kit and is available in the full size.
*Two full size*
- Tarte Blissful - a warm peach (matte)
- Tarte Blushing Bride - a plumy rose (shimmery)
*Two deluxe sample size*
- Tarte Splendor - a peachy pink with chunky gold glitter 
         and peachy golden sheen
- Tarte Dollface - a light pink (matte)
L-R: Blissful, Blushing Bride, Splendor, Dollface
I would have to say these are my most favorite blushes on the market. Even though I may have other good blushes, these last the longest on me. If you can get your hands on one of these babies, do it!

Have you tried any Tarte blushes? If so, which one?

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  1. I love love love Tarte blush! My favorite is Glisten! -xx

  2. I love the Tarte blushes. I did a video on them and a blog review, but these are the two colors that I got in one of my Tarte hauls:

  3. So jealous of your collection! Need to get myself to the States just to buy these haha.


    1. Hopefully you can find them! Plus, a trip to the States would be nice too ;)


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