Friday, February 1, 2013

Tarte LipSurgence Lip Tint Joy Review

I've been wanting a lip stain because throughout the day my lips tend to become very pale. I have worn several lip balms with a tint, but that will only last maybe an hour or two. Tarte has made LipSurgence Lip Tints that claim to stain lips while increasing lip moisturize up to 6000%. I got the shade Joy, which according to Tarte is peach.

Application is very smooth and buttery. When put on, it is glossy and highly pigmented. It does not have sparkle or glitter, which I LOVE. Staying power is several hours for me; glossiness stays for 1-2 hours, and then fades away and the stain remains for another 4-5 hours. The glossiness would probably last longer if it wasn't for me eating or drinking throughout the day. 

Tarte LipSurgence is packaged in a cute plastic tube in the color of the product. When I was choosing between the wide variety of shades, I was drawn to Joy, but thought it looked very orange and was scared to try it on. I lightly swatched it at Sephora and decided to buy it. Once I arrived back home, I did a thorough swatch on my wrist and lips. 

On my wrist it looks like a bright orange, very far from a peach tone. 

However, on my lips, it transferred more peachy red. (I am almost hesitant saying red because that is not a main color in Joy, but it has a tiny hint of red that doesn't make the shade to peachy or orange.)

As you can see, the color of the lips will affect the actual color when worn. If my lips were as white as my wrist, it would show up more orange, but since my lips have a light pink tint to them, the color changes.

-Very pigmented and glossy
-Good staying power
-Beautiful shade to brighten me up
-No sparkles or glitter!!!
- Applies very smooth and buttery
-Leaves a stain as the color fades away

-The price. I would love to buy more and try out the other shades in the line, but at $24, it will really break the bank. 


  1. I have this shade myself (it was my first Lip Surgence actually) and really like it, especially for summer since it's a slightly brighter 'peach' shade. The formula is really nice too.

    I do agree about the price of the Tarte Lip Surgences, though - that's why I always pick up the holiday kit with 4 or 5 for about $35. I refuse to pay full price for one of these again. LOL

    1. I just recently learned that they have holiday kits, and I am so bummed! Now I have to wait pretty much another year to get one!

      Thanks for following me =)


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