Thursday, March 28, 2013

Benefit High Beam

Ever since I started "My Monthly Makeup Bag" this month, I have been using all the items that are in the bag. Amongst all the items, Benefit's High Beam was in it. It is my first time using a highlighting product. I usually don't use one since I get oily throughout the day and I have my own natural "highlighter"!
 photo IMG_9913_zps1dd4650a.jpg
Lately, I have been using a mattifier for my face, and although I like my face on the natural/matte side, I wanted to have a highlighter to give me a pretty glow. Usually, highlighters are in powder form, but Benefit High Beam is a liquid one. It is an ethereal pink sheen that gives off an angelic, radiant dewy complexion. The full size is retailed for $26 and is 0.45 oz. The one I have is a deluxe size sample at 0.13 oz, but to be honest, I think it is the perfect size for
me. The full size would be too much and I probably would not get around to using it all. 
High Beam has a nail polish brush applicator which I found interesting. To apply, you dot it on the area you want, and you blend it in with your fingers or a brush, depending on what you prefer.
 photo IMG_9909_zps40de8435.jpg photo IMG_9910_zps327d4ae1.jpg
Here is the look! 
Benefit High Beam photo IMG_9903_zpsc55c9e79.jpg 
Overall, I think it is a great highlighter, but I think I am content with just the deluxe size.
What are your thoughts? Do you like Benefit High Beam?
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  1. Benefit high beam was actually the first like 'high end' product I bought and I was so excited by it! but I actually don't really like it :( I prefer cream/powder highlighters!
    It looks nice on you though, I just don't think it worked well with my skin


  2. I've never really been a fan. I have a deluxe sample size and have used it only a handful of times.


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