Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wet 'n Wild Eyeshadow Palettes

L-R (Petal Pusher, Sweet as Candy, and I Got Good Jeans)
I have seen so much hype around the Wet 'n Wild eyeshadows that I had to grab a few for myself a while ago. Not only are they highly pigmented, but they come with a cheap price tag, and a nice variety of palettes. 

The palette with 8 eyeshadows retails for around $4.99 at most drugstores, and the palettes with 3 eyeshadows retail for about $2.99. 

Petal Pusher
On the left side of the palette, there are 4 purple shades that can blend together flawlessly. This is my favorite side of the palette.
On the right side, I like the two lightest shades, but do not like the dark ones. When I depotted my eyeshadows not to long ago, I threw away those two shades since they were of no benefit to me.

 Sweet as Candy
Out of all of my WnW palettes, this one is my favorite. I love the shimmery off-white eyeshadow with the shimmery soft brown, adding just a bit of pink for brightness. This one is very similar to Walking on Eggshells, but Sweet as Candy has the pink shadow where as Walking on Eggshells has a peachier shade and the brown is warmer.
This palette would be perfect for an everyday eye look.

I Got Good Jeans
I have nothing like this in my eyeshadow collection and wanted to add some blues. I figured this would be the perfect buy since 1) It is cheap, 2) highly pigmented, and 3) you get three great shades!

I am very satisfied with the Wet 'n Wild Eyeshadows and would love to add more to my collection!

 photo SimpleCharm_zpsbba83c0f.jpg


  1. I love the texture of the shadows but they give my eyes a rash every time i try to use them :( the colours of petal pusher a great though!

    1. Oh no! That is so sad, and yes they are great colors!

  2. Wet n Wild has such amazing palettes! I havent tried Petal Pusher but i am definitely picking it up the next time im in a drug store :)

    BTW I included you in a 13 personal questions tag on my blog. Not sure if you have already done this one but i figured id give you a try since i love learning more about my fab bloggers :)

  3. These eyeshadows look brilliant, I wish we could get them here in the UK! Thanks for the swatches! xx

  4. These palettes look so nice! Great price too!

  5. These look great! I wish we had Wet n Wild in the UK! :(

    I found your blog on the Brightside Blog Hop! :)



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