Monday, June 2, 2014

Philosophy Purity Made Simple

Philosophy Purity Made Simple is a "pH-balanced formula that rapidly dissolves dirt and makeup while deep cleaning pores. The best-selling cleanser contains infusions of sage, chamomile, and carrot."

I purchased the 3 fl. oz. size at Sephora for $10, but they have other quantity options available (8 fl oz, 16 fl oz, and 24 fl oz). I really enjoyed that the cleanser was very mild and had a pleasant scent. It didn't exacerbate my present acne, nor did it cause me to break out. Purity Made Simple does cleanse the skin thoroughly, but I wouldn't use it to remove makeup and cleanse my face in just one washing. I like to remove my makeup first, and then rinse with a cleanser.

I bought Purity Made Simple because I had heard many great reviews about it. Many claimed that it had helped clear up their skin and that acne no longer popped up for them. However, when I tried it, my acne stayed the same. It didn't cause me to break out, but it didn't "heal" my acne either. What I'm starting to realize is that possibly, the people who had "acne" issues, just had acne because their skin wasn't being cleansed thoroughly; whereas my acne is more hormonal, which is very difficult to clear up.

Regardless, this cleanser is a perfect match for those who want a mild cleanser that does the job well. It is a great option for all skin types because it does not dry out the skin by striping it of face oils, nor does it leave skin oily. I would definitely recommend it to everyone to try out at least once!
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  1. i am always look for a good mild cleanser! although, like you, i probably would want to remove my makeup first before using it.


  2. I've been using this cleanser for years, it's such a great product because it really does work for all skin types! XO

  3. Glad you're finding this to be effective and gentle. Both good things! Thanks for the review :)


  4. If your looking for a acne healing line, I would recommend the Bioderma Sebium line. It worked well for removing acne marks for me and also helps with spot treatment! :)

    RYC on REN Mask: Yeah, I didn't see the hype on this product either. I purchased it via Amazon so I can't really refund it. Perhaps, I'll give it another go later on and see what happens but overall, I wasn't quite pleased with it.

    Thanks for your comment :)



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