Friday, May 30, 2014

CoverGirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous Collection Review

I found this new collection at Walgreens and it features Katy Perry as the spokesperson! I was so excited because I think she is gorgeous. The new collection includes a liquid foundation, a concealer, and a powder foundation. Something I really liked about this collection is the shade numbering. It makes it simple to find out what concealer and powder to use. For instance, in the liquid foundation, I am shade 105. The concealer and powder foundation have a range (105-110) that is geared for the people in those shades, and so forth for all the other shades available.

Ready, Set, Gorgeous Oil Free Foundation
This liquid foundation (1 oz, $8.99) is marketed as an oil free foundation that won't clog pores, is suitable for sensitive skin, lasts all day, evens skin tone, and reduces shine all day. I bought it in the shade 105 Classic Ivory, which I believe is the fairest shade available. There is no SPF, which might throw some people off, but to me it doesn't really matter since I wear an SPF underneath.
The foundation gives a light to medium coverage and sets to a matte/natural finish. It covers up majority of the redness on my nose and some acne scars, but does not cover all raised pimples. At about hour 6, some shine decided to creep through, but at hour 8, my face became oily all over and the foundation began to slide off my face. This foundation is pretty long-wearing, especially with my combo/oily skin.
Rating: 5/5. I would definitely repurchase.

Ready Set Gorgeous Concealer
The concealer (0.37 fl. oz) is a basic concealer that is oil free. It has a thin consistency and light coverage. I purchased it in the shade Fair. Since I don't have serious dark circles, the concealer covers them up decently. However, pimples are concealed ok. 
 I find that this concealer would be good for young teens that just want to conceal under eye circles (if they have any) and cover up minor redness. I will not be using it for blemishes though, only for dark circles.
Rating: 3.5/5. I would not repurchase.

Ready Set Gorgeous Powder Foundation
Finally, the powder foundation (0.37 oz) is marketed as oil free and offers shine control. The packaging comes with a sponge and also includes a mirror, which is great for touch ups throughout the day. I found that the consistency of the powder was on the rough side. It wasn't entirely rough, but wasn't finely milled either; definitely somewhere in between. As far as coverage, it had minimal coverage, for me at least. It did even out my skin tone more then just the foundation and concealer alone. The shine control aspect was well thought out. I do contribute my oil-free looking face to this product, since it did prolong the wear of the products.
Rating: 3/5. I would not repurchase, only because I prefer a different powder to set with.
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  1. I think the foundation looks amazing! Thanks for sharing your reviews.

  2. Definitely want to pick up the foundation now! I loved their 3-in-1 foundation so I'm sure that will be a hit for me as well!
    Great, in depth review!

    1. Their 3-in-1 is fantastic! Comparing both to each other, the Ready Set Gorgeous is a lot lighter feeling on the skin and the 3-in-1 is heavier.

  3. great review, that foundation looks so good! I just wish they sold cover girl here in the UK because I've heard so many good things about their products! would love if you could check out my blog :)


    1. Oh man, I know. Products only available in other countries is really a bummer! I always look at things from the UK and only wish lol


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