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Top 12 Lipsticks | Fair to Light Skin

 Hey everyone! Hope you are all doing well. My cousin recently requested for me to make a post about lipsticks for fair to light skin. Unfortunately, I do not have one dedicated to medium or dark skin as of yet because majority of my colors are for my skin tone. While I was putting this post together, I just grabbed whatever lippies I had that look best on me. I didn't have a set number, but it ended up being twelve. Turns out that I have six drugstore products and six high-end products. Perfect!
1. Wet n Wild Just Peachy - Just Peachy is part of the Megalast line and is a peachy nude. I have a difficult time finding nude lipsticks because some are too brown and look awful. Pink or peach hued nudes look best. Unfortunately, these Megalast lipsticks are a bit drying, so make sure to exfoliate and moisturize before using. ($2.99)
2. MAC Patisserie - Patisserie is classified as a sheer neutral pink, but I think it leans more pinky brown. Since it is a lustre, there are some shimmers in it, but it makes the lipstick look shiny. I find that this shade is a close resemblance to "my lips but better". ($16.00)
3. Tarte Coral Blossom - Coral Blossom is a newer lipstick from Tarte and is part of the Amazonian butter line. It is described as a salmon pink. ($16.00)
4. Bite Beauty Fig - Fig is a nude rose shade, probably one of my favorite lipsticks I own. The color brings some life into my face. In my opinion, Bite Beauty makes one of the most creamy and moisturizing formulas for lipsticks. ($24.00)
5. Wet n Wild Think Pink - Also from the Megalast line, Think Pink is a cool light pink. These shades are very difficult to pull off, just like Just Peachy, but they are great additions to the collection. ($2.99)
6. Revlon Berry Smoothie - Berry Smoothie is a pink shade with some berry in it. This is another shade that brightens up my complexion. Berry Smoothie is a lip butter, so if you are in the mood for something less opaque, lip butters are your way to go. There is some microglitter in this, but if you don't mind it, its a great product. ($6-7)
7. Revlon Pink Truffle - Another lip butter, Pink Truffle is a pink brown shade which leads more on the brown side. Although not my favorite out of the bunch, it does create a pretty look for fair skinned beauties. ($6-7)
8. Wet n Wild Mauve Outta Here - Another Megalast lipstick, Mauve Outta Here is a medium, cool toned purple/pink. It is a bright purple/pink, but not too bright that its neon. ($2.99)
9. MAC Plumful - Plumful is described as a blossoming rose/plum. This lipstick is gorgeous for fall and I love the way plummy rose shades look on fair/light skin tones. Plumful is listed as a lustre lipstick. ($16.00)
10. Tarte Enchanted - I love Tarte Lipsurgences Lip Tints because they have staining properties to them. Enchanted is a rose shade and looks lovely on the lips. The left over stain is a lighter version of the original, but it lasts a good amount of time on the lips. These are probably one of my favorite lip products ever made. ($24.00)
11. NYX Rose - This lipstick was actually a pleasant surprise. I need to purchase more of these! When I first swatched this lippie, I did not think it would be called Rose, since the swatch is a bright pinkish red coral. I thought it would have a spicy name to it. However, it read Rose! ($3.99)
12. Bite Beauty Pomegranate - Pomegranate is listed as a cherry red. Not sure why they call it Pomegranate instead of cherry! Regardless, this is a nice blue toned red lipstick that compliments fair/light skin tones. The blue tones in it give a lively look, where as warm/orange toned red lipsticks look okay. ($24.00)

Hopefully this helped! If you have any suggestions of other lipsticks best for fair skin, please let me know!
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  1. Oh, I knew I was in trouble when I looked at this post. ;) All of those lipsticks are so pretty it makes me want to get more! Thanks for the suggestions! I'll definitely put some on my to-buy list. XD

    1. Yeah, definitely a danger zone seeing lipsticks! lol. Let me know which ones you choose.

  2. These are great, and since I have fair skin as well, I want all the ones I don't have yet!

    1. And I'm sure you have ones that I don't have either! Its a never ending merry-go-round haha.

  3. I haven't tried any of these shades but I have a write a few down which I wanna try, I love number 12.


    1. Yes, Pomegranate is a gorgeous red, very classic xoxo

  4. Such lovely picks! Love how you've arranged them from most subtle to boldest and that there's a good mix of high- and -low end. Such a helpful post! I'm fair as well (MAC NC15-20) and have always preferred bright shades of lipstick. Some of my faves are Lickable, Impassioned, and Rebel from MAC, Neat Wave and Schiap from NARS, and Revlon lip pencils in Rendezvous, Romantic, Unapologetic, and Standout :)


    1. Thank you for those suggestions! I know I can always count on you to have the bright lipsticks! They are so daring, but you make me want to try more and be bolder <3

  5. They all look great on you!

    I have Pomegranate and forgot how gorgeous it is! Definitely need to pull that out. =)

    Linh @

  6. Lovely post! I'm loving MAC Patisserie!



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