Monday, December 30, 2013

Mani Mondays | Happy New Year

Happy Monday! The year is almost over! I went to a nail salon and got my nails done with CND Shellac. This is my second time dealing with gel nail polish. The first time was in October for a wedding I went to. (You can view the nails here). 

The color I chose to do was CND Shellac Dark Dahlia. It almost looks black but leans purple and looks great! The nail tech added gold OPI glitter onto my index and ring finger to be festive. 

I find that with Shellac, it tends to look like normal polish and not come out as thick as my previous experience with gel polish. For me, this is both good and bad. With the other gel polish, my nails felt thick and strong. Right now, since it is a bit thinner, I'm afraid my nails will break. Hopefully not though! But at least, the nail polish looks more natural.

How will you do your nails for New Years?

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