Thursday, December 5, 2013

Essie Nail Polish + Dupes

I don't know about you, but I just love mini nail polish. They just make me so happy. So once I saw these 6 polishes on Ebay for $2.95 altogether, it was an offer I could not pass up. It's a good thing I bought it last month for Christmas gifts, because this month, it is $8.95. (Link to it if you are interested, Ebay)

Wicked                                                Chinchilly
Ballet Slippers                                    Smooth Sailing
      Bossa Nova                               Forever Yummy

Dupe Time!

While looking at a few of the shades, I dug into my nail polish pile to see if anything I had was similar. 

Nails Inc. Porchester Ave and Essie Chinchilly

Butter London La Moss and Essie Wicked

Estee Lauder Berry Hot and Essie Bossa Nova

Time to put it to the test! 

L-R: Chinchilly and Porchester Ave
Chinchilly is definitely alot darker then Porchester Ave. It is a bit more brown too, not so grey looking. Close, but no cigar.

L-R: Wicked and La Moss
Wicked is darker and blacker then La Moss, which is on the redder side. But honestly, if you only had one on, you could not tell the difference. I wouldn't say these are full on dupes, but they are cousins.

L-R: Bossa Nova and Berry Hot
Both Bossa Nova and Berry Hot look identical. The shadow makes Bossa Nova look darker, but both are dupes of each other and even have the same bluish/purple iridescence in it. 

I did not include Forever Yummy in this as a red creme can be found pretty much in any line of nail polish. Ballet Slippers is also another one of those nail polish shades that could result in a bunch of dupes.

 photo withlove_zpsa29dab2d.jpg


  1. Wow, you got an awesome deal on these! I really like smooth sailing and bossa nova!


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