Monday, October 13, 2014

Tarte Kiss and Belle LipSurgence Set | Holiday 2014

 Welcome to the time of year when the 2014 Makeup Holiday sets become available for us makeup junkies to enjoy! This is the first of many lip holiday sets I will be featuring on this blog and on YouTube. For some reason, I was more drawn to the lip sets this year than anything else. Without further ado, let me introduce the Tarte Kiss and Belle LipSurgence Set for 2014!

Tarte Kiss and Belle retails for $34 and features 4 deluxe LipSurgence lip tints, 2 deluxe LipSurgence matte lip tints, and 2 deluxe LipSurgence lip glosses. As usual, the lip tints and matte lip tints have that peppermint scent, and the lipglosses have a sweet scent.

Eternal is a matte lip tint and is described as a pinky nude. Surprisingly, I found this shade to be a bit on the coral side. So if you want, I called it a "coral nude", (does such a thing even exist?!) The matte lip tints are creamy and don't dry out on your lips, so they will feel comfortable throughout the day.

Dreamy is a lip tint and is described as a cool raspberry. I definitely agree with this description as its a gorgeous raspberry with blue undertones that make it cool. This is one of my favorites of the bunch. The lip tints feel very smooth on the lips, almost like a lip balm!

 Kiss is a lip gloss and is described as a light pink. This is my first time experimenting with a LipSurgence lip gloss. This gloss is beautiful, but let me warn you, it does have glitter in it. Although it makes the lipgloss pretty, when it begins to wear away throughout the day, guess what gets left behind...the glitter. I can't stand that! But regardless, this is a pretty lipgloss to be layered on top of another product.

 Alluring is a lip tint and is described as a mauve. Usually when I think of "mauve" I think of purple hues, which this certainly does not have. But that is something that makes me love this shade. I like to use this daily, and will be very sad when it runs out! (Unless I can find a dupe for this, which I will be on the hunt for!)

 Innocent is a lip tint and is described as a warm nude. Thankfully, this nude leans on the pink/peach side which makes it PERFECT for me! I always have difficulty with nudes since they either wash me out, look like concealer, or are too brown. Not with this beauty!

Belle is a lip gloss and is described as a raspberry. This gloss was the only reason why I shelled out $34 to purchase this set. (Not that the other shades aren't gorgeous because I found lots of gems in this set!) I saw it swatched on someone else and I fell in love. Belle is so pigmented and is a beautiful raspberry color!

Dainty is a lip tint and is described as pink. To be quite honest, they should have been a bit more descriptive with this name. Maybe call it a "warm medium pink"? What do you think?

"I'm so fancy, you already knoooowww"...what? I'm singing here! Just playing! Fancy is a matte lip tint and is described as a plum berry. On the lips, the plum doesn't really show forth as much as just a hand swatch. Either way, this shade transforms into a gorgeous cranberry plummy berry color!

Top: Eternal, Fancy, Kiss, Belle
Bottom: Dreamy, Alluring, Innocent, Dainty

Overall, this is a great set to test out new colors. Plus, you get to try out the lip tints, matte lip tints, and the lipglosses. This years focus was more on pinks and berries, which I love! I will probably get more wear out of these than last years (see it here).

 photo withlove_zpsa29dab2d.jpg


  1. That's such a good deal! I love Fancy, Alluring and Belle!

  2. Thanks for the swatches! I can't believe each shade actually looks so different. Adding this to my wish list now!


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