Saturday, November 30, 2013

Black Friday Haul

Yesterday was my first participation in the Black Friday craze! Honestly, at 7am in the morning, it was not that hectic. We didn't have to stand in crazy long lines or fight over any product (as is usually the exaggeration in commercials, movies, etc.). I got pretty good deals and sales and will love to participate again next year! Watch my video below to see what I got!

 photo withlove_zpsa29dab2d.jpg


  1. Nice things you picked out! I also went Black Friday shopping for the very first time but didn't have that great of luck like you did. I was horrified to see how packed the malls were. It's worse then what we get here on Boxing Day in Canada. Shopping at 2 a.m. was weird. Good luck with all your finals if you have any ;)


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