Friday, July 25, 2014

What's In My Purse | Summer Edition

During the summer I like to have a smaller purse just because I don't feel like lugging around a bigger purse. I enjoy being able to quickly grab this purse and be out the door in a jiffy! Also, I feel a like lighter!

 photo withlove_zpsa29dab2d.jpg


  1. Wow I never heard of that origins sensory therapy, it sounds awesome, especially to have on hand. Your hair and make up look wonderful! Great video :-)

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  2. I prefer the smaller bags versus the bigger bags during summer too! It makes everything so much easier. Especially when it's so hot out!


  3. Ah, I love "what's in my bag?" posts! I really need to try that Clarins gloss and your dog is adorable :)



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